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mailing address:
P.O. Box 2280 | Detroit, Michigan 48202
office: 313.386.8044 | fax: 734.895.1156

Rev. Solomon Kinloch, Jr
pastor [at]
Senior Pastor
Robin Kinloch
rkinloch [at]
Chief of Staff
Dora Brown-Richards
dbrown [at]
Chief Financial Officer
Joyce Folks
jfolks [at]
Mark Yancy
myancy [at]
Director, Ministerial and Operational Affairs
Cedric Scott
ced [at]
Director, Media & Communications
Nikki Howard-Combs
nhowardcombs [at]
Chief Events Officer
Natasa Pantovic
npantovic [at]
Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor
Brad Miller
bmiller [at]
Graphic Designer

Rev. David A. Johnson, II, Central Campus Pastor
djohnson [at] 

Rev. Damon Pierson, South Campus Pastor
dpierson [at]