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I.  What is Spiritual Beltway?

The Spiritual Beltway represents the vision to more aggressively impact the secular population of Metro Detroit by eventually operating between four to six community campuses that are extensions of Triumph Church.

The vision aims to accommodate current membership needs and future growth by maintaining a level of intimacy within ministries and the worship-experience by offering locations within 30 minutes of the majority of the population in Metro Detroit. As one church in multiple locations, members and visitors would not have to endure extensive commutes to experience a Triumph worship service.

The Spiritual Beltway, which has begun, includes breaking ground or renovating more than 40 acres of land on four different sites in three different cities inside Metro Detroit; (Detroit, Northville and Southfield).

The earlier phases of the Spiritual Beltway included the acquisition of a 29,000 square-foot worship facility and adjacent land in the New Center, Detroit area and the purchase of a 13-acre site in Canton, Michigan. Additionally, in 2005 the church acquired 6.6 acres of property in Lincoln Park. The land, was the former location of Oakwood Hospital at Outer Drive and Fort streets in Lincoln Park.

However, the growth of the church quickly exceeded the type of facility and parking the Lincoln Park property could accommodate. At the time of the Lincoln Park acquisition, the church consisted of over 4,000 members and was growing at a rate of 900 new members per year. In less than four years, the church's membership had doubled to over 8,000 members.

Now the church is currently growing at a rate of 3,000 new members per year, with total membership of more than 21,000, necessitating the operation of 10 different weekly services at 5 different sites.

II. Why do we need multiple campuses?

We believe that community campuses is the way of ministering the message of Jesus Christ to Detroit and surrounding communities.  Secondly, studies and polls suggested that the average person at a non-traditional or traditional church is unwilling to drive move than 30 minutes to a worship service.  Thirdly, it allows us to operate with more intimacy than stuffing five thousand people in one room.

III. Where will each campus be located?

Our development of multiple campuses will occur in phases.  It is our goal to have functional campuses at each of these locations:

Admin & Ministry Center45081 Geddes Road, Canton 48188
15600 JL Hudson Drive, Southfield 48075 (Millennium Centre)
East2760 E Grand Blvd, Detroit 4821
South2550 S Liddesdale Street, Detroit 48217
West16115 Beck Road, Northville 48168

IV. What are / will be the worship service times?

7:45am SundayEast Campus
East Campus 
8:45am SundayNorth Campus North Campus
9:45am Sunday   Salem High SchoolWest Campus
10:45am Sunday South Campus
10:45am Sunday North Campus North Campus
11:45am SundayEast Campus   
East Campus 
12:45pm SundayNorth CampusNorth Campus
6:30pm TuesdayEast Campus  North Campus 
6:30pm WednesdayAdmin & Ministry Center  West Campus
6:30pm ThursdayNorth Campus

5pm SaturdaySouth Campus
North Campus

V. What will each campus consist of?

Admin & Ministry Center

400-seat sanctuary, 17 offices, 17 classrooms --nursery & youth themed 


800-seat sanctuary, banquet hall, classrooms, ministry center & offices

North 1,038-seat auditorium, movie screen & projector for movie premiers, 4,000-sq ft lobby for receptions, banquets, business conferences/meetings (FUTURE: auditorium expansion with renovation & addition of meeting/class rooms, children's area, dressing rooms and balcony seating)

300-seat sanctuary, small fellowship hall, classrooms & offices

1,200-seat sanctuary, 400-seat chapel, administrative offices, adjacent children's building, fitness center & indoor lap pool

VI. What properties do we currently own?

Based upon our most recent purchases, we own the following properties:
  1. 2550 S Liddesdale St, Detroit 48219 (10,00 sq ft facility & adjacent parking lots)
  2. 2760 E Grand Blvd, Detroit 48211 (29,00 sq ft facility, adjacent parking lots & additional land)
  3. 45081 Geddes Rd, Canton 48188 (30,000 sq ft facility, outdoor pavilion & additional land)
  4. 16115 Beck Rd, Northville 48168 (20-acre site with offices, classrooms, chapel & large sanctuary
  5. 25750 Outer Drive, Lincoln Park 48146 (6.6-acre site)

VII. Why can’t we build on the land we own in Lincoln Park?

A few years back when we were projecting the growth of the church, we could not predict the favor God would bestow upon us.  As it stands, the Lincoln Park property at 6.6 acres is not large enough to accommodate our current parking demands.  We found it more financially astute to pursue other properties than erecting a facility on land we have already outgrown.  This property is currently for sale.

VIII. What is going to happen to the Liddesdale facility (South Campus)?

The South Campus will continue to host smaller services, community outreach initiatives, weddings, funerals.  This campus is a tangible testimony of where we have been and how far we have come. It is the only site where we host monthly baptisms and a special communion service.  Right now, the South Campus is an intricate foundational component of our future growth plans. 

IX. How much will it cost?

Including the land and buildings we have already purchased, renovations, the land acquisition, architect plans and renderings, blueprints,  and phases of construction – we project the entire Spiritual Beltway to have a modest price tag.  Our multiple campuses will cost millions less than many recently constructed single building worship facilities in and around Detroit.

X. What is my part?

The motto of our earliest giving campaign was “not equal in giving, but equal in sacrifice”, words of which we will continue to adhere.  For the past few years, we have asked for weekly or quarterly sacrificial gifts above tithes and offering to be designated toward the vision of the church.  With the resources accrued from this giving we have acquired millions of dollars in real estate, paid for architectural designs, conducted in-depth analysis on other properties and even demolished a hospital. 

We are asking members to make a renewed commitment  weekly or quarterly during the designated Days of Sacrifice.  We understand that our expectation is modest, we also know that there are some who will give more and others who will give their best, yet we all can be active contributors to our quarterly financial targets.

XI. When do I begin to give?

You can begin today.  We encourage members to give either online and / or continue using your giving envelope and designate your contribution under Spiritual Beltway.

XII. Will the church accept non-cash gifts?

Yes, please contact our church office for guidance in sharing your non-cash gift.

XIII. Why can’t we use our regular tithes and offerings to pay for the facilities?

The regular tithes and offering are used to provide our current ministerial offerings.  In no way do we wish to restrict our ministries by redirecting their funding.  As we develop the Spiritual Beltway, we must continue to operate as a church and the church operates from regular tithes and offering.  The following is an overview of how tithes and offering is spent:

5-10% Savings / Debt Reduction / Renovation or Construction
10% Marketing / Communications 
10% Ministry Expenses
25% Mortgages / Leases / Utilities
10% Evangelism & Outreach
35-40% Personnel / Payroll Expenses

Triumph Church currently employs full-time, part-time and weekend employees.  These do not include the contract employees, 24-hour security, nor the seasonal labor hired during intense ministry seasons.  These salaries and expenses are covered with regular tithes and offering.

Another significant expenditure is the cost associated with multiple rented facilities.  It would be short-sighted to suggest that the growth of our church is not intimately intertwined with our current or past services at the Detroit Opera House, Cass Technical High School, Salem High School and Faith United Methodist Church.  We have been able to accommodate our growth by renting these facilities; yet, there are significant costs associated with the rentals and the necessary planning and labor required to conduct each service with a level of excellence.

XIV. Should I stop giving to the general fund to support the Spiritual Beltway?

As a giver, your first priority is to God through your tithes and offering.  Giving for the Spiritual Beltway is a sacrifice in addition to your tithes and offering.  If your situation forces you to choose, pay your tithes first. 

XV. How will the church be kept informed of the giving?

The Finance Director will publish quarterly accounting updates of Spiritual Beltway giving.  These updates will be available inside the worship service guides on the Sunday following the Day of Sacrifice.

XVI. What are the major Spiritual Beltway dates I should know?

The first Sunday of February, May, August, and November are our Days of Sacrifice, when we ask members and friends to submit their sacrificial gifts.

XVII. When will we see something start to happen?

Things are already happening.  Keep in mind that for every ribbon-cutting ceremony, that there were years of previous preliminary work.  The expenses in which we are engaged are the tedious preliminaries required for a sustainable Spiritual Beltway foundation.

For example with our East Campus, we purchased this 29,000 square foot worship facility for just over one million.  The renovation plans of the former Second Ebenezer Church included roofing repairs, carpeting hallways, and a new foyer. You will also notice a renovated sanctuary with new carpet, upholstery for the pews, new backdrop, new choir stand and new sound system. Construction experts agree that renovation projects are less expensive than new construction – an approach we exercised with this facility.

In weighing the costs associated with new construction and value of prime real estate, we were able to astutely craft land acquisition deals or agreements for what will eventually become the sites for both our North and West Campuses.  Our 13-acre West campus was purchased for slightly more than two million, while the North Campus is a long-term lease agreement with St. John Providence Hospital. 

In 2012, upon prior to finalizing plans for the renovation and expansion of the Geddes Road property, Triumph was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a property with nearly twice the size that was situated just a few miles away from Geddes. The Beck Road campus in Northville was thereafter purchased for around the same price it would have cost to renovate Geddes -- and the facility already had the seating capacities and more room that Triumph sought with the impending Geddes renovation.

Our outlay cost address current needs, short-term goals and long –term planning.