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Triumph Church's members and friends are believing God for these things during this

40 Day Journey of Prayer and Fasting. 


Please pray for me and with me. Lord I come to you asking for supernatural blessings in record breaking time in the name of Jesus. Lord please cover my family, myself and love ones from attacks of the enemy. Please lord heal my brothers hand and strengthen his mind and body. Heal both of my sisters, my mom and myself in are mind and body. Heal us from the inside out and strengthen my mothers knees Lord. Lord I ask that you allow me to see a financial increase in my businesses in a supernatural way. Lord please demolish and destroy every attack of the enemy on my job. Please lord protect me from dangers seen and unseen. Allow me to get this scheduler position and block the attempts of my boss and anyone else trying to get me fire, wrote up or stand in my way of this promotion. Lord I need you to come through as the enemy is using her but NO WEAPON formed against me or my family shall prosper it is in Jesus name I pray Amen Amen and Amen.


I Pray that God's will be done in my life. Lord guide me, and continue to cover me during these troubled times. I Pray for my family to be healed, and come to know God's will for their life as well. Let us all come closer to God, as never before. In Jesus name, Amen


For God to reveal his specific purpose for my life, not just his overall purpose to bring more people to His free me from all generational strongholds....for an increase in make me less mean.


My prayer is GOD heals me of lupus and the minor kidney damage on this side of GLORY! I pray all my lab work continue to comeback GREAT & I am released from all medications. I pray that as I deal with this temporary task that GOD WILL GET THE HONOR & GLORY out of my situation. I pray GOD continues to watch and keep my mom and myself. We need his continual protection, help, mercy, grace and patience. I pray all of GODS children have peace in life & that we all continue to hold on until will see our fathers precious face in heaven. In JESUS NAME AMEN


Continued Strong Faith, Entrance into the Nursing Program, Marriage, and a family home. Better parental relationships. My children are prosperous young ladies. Financial blessings for myself and my family...this struggle is over right now in Jesus Name, bills are paid, mortgage/rent is paid! Please keep my little brother covered, I pray a better relationship with him and our Heavenly Father! Keep everyone in perfect peace and remember to keep God first in everything we do. Keep myself and everyone safe from danger seen and unseen. Lord you said ask and it shall be given! Thank you God in is so!! AMEN

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