In the fall of 1920, Reverend Claude Cummings organized the Triumph Missionary Baptist Church. In 1924, while located underground in a wood-frame structure at 515 Holford Street in River Rouge, Michigan, the church was officially incorporated.

Cummings was succeeded by the Reverend L.A. Forte, Reverend Rosbrior, Reverend F. Freeman, Reverend Scott and Reverend G.W. Sims respectively. In 1941, Reverend A.D. Boone, who had been a member for twenty years, accepted the call to pastor Triumph.

It was under the leadership of Boone that members marched to the new church in 1954 and one of its current locations. Located underground at 2550 South Liddesdale in Detroit. After the death of Boone in 1969, Freeman re-assumed pastoral duties until God appointed another pastor, Reverend David DeYampert in 1970.

Under DeYampert, Triumph‘s membership grew from approximately 300 members to over 1,200. Construction of a new edifice on the same site began in March 1974. The following September, members began worshiping in the new sanctuary. By June 1988, members held a special service to celebrate full payment of the mortgage.

From 1989 to 1997, Triumph faced difficult times as the membership dwindled from its highpoint of over 1,200 to only 44. In addition to the struggles facing the church, Pastor DeYampert died on July 2, 1997. Earlier the next year on March 22, 1998, Triumph Church appointed a then-24-year-old Solomon Kinloch, Jr as its next pastor. Under Kinloch visionary leadership, membership has exploded from forty-four members to over 9,000. To accommodate this growth, Triumph Church made a decision to transition into a multi-site church by adding additional services on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at various sites. The growth has also led to the creation of the Spiritual Beltway.