Most of us agree on most of the foundational actions of Christianity: prayer, worship, and faith, but for many Christians, generosity is optional. Sacrificing our own comfort to benefit others is a non-negotiable for many followers of Christ.

“We’re doing what? Haven’t you read the headlines? Haven’t you seen the news? How can we even think about having this type of campaign in this economy? Y’all crazy.”

It doesn’t require a great deal of imagination to think that some of the same comments were being made to Moses after the return of the spies from their visit to the Promised Land. Even without headlines screaming disaster and 24 hour cable news trumpeting crisis after crisis; one can almost imagine the people of Israel saying some of the very same things,“You want us to do what? You expect us to go into that land. You’re crazy!”

Then, as well as now, the issue is the same: Faith or Fear. The question, of course, becomes, which voice will we listen to?

Through generosity, we all have the power to motivate others to change. It happens every day, all around us. Whether you are sharing with a neighbor, taking a pay cut to help a fellow employee, reaching out to people in need, caregiving, agreeing to be an organ donor, or just giving an encouraging word – you are being generous. Imagine a world where generosity was the rule, rather than the exception? A world where we give freely, without expecting anything in return, as we move towards a modern-day Promised Land of resources for our community.

Generosity is at the core of the character of God. It was based upon His virtue of giving good things freely and liberally – God sent Jesus to redeem and rescue us. Increase the Reach is a bold campaign that asks us all to trust God to do something remarkable in His name by simply being more generous.

This fast is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with God and your understanding of generosity – one day at a time – and understand His will for you in our Increase the Reach Campaign. You can use the guide to help lead you or your family in prayer, study and discussion as you discern God’s will concerning your commitment to the Increase the Reach Capital Campaign.

Remember, God isn’t asking for a decision about giving today. He is only asking you to listen to His voice – and choose FAITH over FEAR!

Rev. Solomon W. Kinloch, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Triumph Church