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We pray that you find this information helpful on your Christian journey. It should help you find the areas of the church that can benefit from your direct involvement and passion to follow Christ. Conversely, you should also find programs and services that can help you personally and spiritually. He has called each of us to play a specific role in the Body of Christ, and to have a healthy and functioning body all pieces need to work in harmony. We've got work to do...and, we need YOU!

  • christian education

    The Department of Christian Education is dedicated to spiritual development and leadership training. It is committed to developing spiritually mature believers who are equipped to serve, teach and minister in accordance with the works of God. This department is the home to Triumph University.

    Christian Education Ministries: Next Level Biblical Institute, Next Level Counseling Institute, Next Level Financial Institute, Next Level Leadership Institute, Next Level Life Institute & Next Level Ministerial Institute. Sign-up to serve in the Christian Education department here.

  • congregational care

    The Department of Congregational Care seeks to serve our church family in times of need, whether through counseling, intercessory prayer or hospital visits.

    Congregational Care Ministries: Intercessory Prayer, Hospital Visitation, Spiritual Guidance & Transition of Life.

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  • evangelism & outreach

    The Department of Evangelism and Outreach equips the Triumph congregation to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ, sharing the Gospel with those unable or unwilling to participate in the traditional worship environment.

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  • family life & empowerment

    The Department of Family Life and Empowerment brings people from all stages of their Christian walk together to learn and grow.  They provide an environment where church members can be strengthened and supported when dealing with common issues and ultimately grow in their relationship with God.

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  • health & wellness

    The Department of Health and Wellness ministers to Triumph members in the area of physical well-being.  Through physical fitness, educational and medical programming, this ministry provides Triumph members with access to health and wellness related resources.

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  • impact youth

    The Department of IMPACT Youth develops, executes and manages ministries and programs that promote the spiritual, academic, and personal growth of Triumph members from birth to high school graduation.

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  • media & communications

    The Department of Media and Communications manages the formal internal and external communication networks that support Triumph ministries and events. Sign up to serve in the Media & Communications Department here.

  • music & sacred arts

    The Department of Music and Sacred Arts seeks to glorify God by encouraging and equipping Christians and attracting people to Christ through music, ministry, and education.  This ministry explores creative forms of artistic expression that establish a worshipful atmosphere that glorifies God. 

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  • new members

    The Department of New Members assimilates new members into the Triumph community by guiding them through their first moments of Triumph Life.

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  • office of the pastor

    The Department of Office of the Pastor supports the programs and initiatives of the Senior Pastor and his staff by providing ongoing pastoral care.

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  • worship support

    The Department of Worship Support serves the Triumph family during worship services and events, ensuring a hospitable, safe, and comfortable environment.

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